Okna ReplacementWindows

In the last fourteenyears, Okna has earned a properly-deservedreputation in the window manufacturing industry. Their capacity to produce high-quality products has helped it expandits production and win the hearts of many homeowners: initially, the corporationonly produced one kind of window, however nowadays, it’s expanded its line toincorporate many types of windows.

Inaccessory an expanding construction line, Okna has shifted its focus onoffering finishes which are more sophisticated: their goods may be tailored tonot only fit individual tastes and preferences, and also to provide energyefficient solutions. The organization can also be pursuing innovativeavenues glass and spacer manufacturers to make the highest qualityproducts in residential construction.

The Okna 800 Series

Often known as theEnviro-Star, the Okna 800 has been billed Oknas topmost offering. Manyindividuals, specially the Okna 500 enthusiasts, who still find it Oknasstar model, can refute this kind of assumption. Therefore,it really is practical to check both products to ascertain the weightieralternative backward and forward products.

The Okna 500 Series Vsthe Okna 800

Of The Question Frame

The Okna 800 series hasa thicker frame as compared to the Okna500. Although neither a good nor a negative trait, it lowers the glassarea, which, therefore, reduces the volume oflight that can pass through the window. Furthermore, the exterior of theOkna 800 series is less busy compared to the Okna500. The 800 wins.

The Magnetic Seal

The Okna 800 seriesbears a magnetic seal at the end. The seal offers a firmer grip, which saves energy during the winter since less air escapes over the edgesfrom the windows. However, despite the fact that the magnet offers a tightergrip it does not beat the Okna 500 by far: the 500 series has .02 air infiltrationas the 800 series has among .01. Even though 800 series wins again, it really isan incredibly close call.

The Price Factor

The realtors budget isprobably the most critical factors to consider before planning. In comparison tothe 500 series, the EniroStar is relatively more expensive. However, it’s better ratings overall, by way of example likely toexcellent exterior and an interlock extruded in the sill, which steadiesthe sash and the merged reinforcement bar. Therefore, around the Okna 500beats the 800 series in price, the 800 has better features.

Even though Okna 800does not completely override the 500 series, it’s better features and offersmore value for your money. Okna 800s features improve structural numbers to DP60 when compared with Oknas DP 50 additionally they enhance the windows durability.

The Take-home

The reason energy-efficientwindows are manufactured would be to keep the heatoutside during the summer and the heat induring the winter thus reducing heatingand cooling costs. Recent times have observed a gradual revolution in windowtechnological know-how. People are now able to reduce solar heat gain and improvecomfort while providing clear daylight views. Concludingthese discussion, it is best to invest a tad bit more about the more effectiveproducts than spend more money in related costs: heating and cooling, excessive energyconsumption, and how big is the HVAC equipment needed to keep the propertycomfortable.